Alamat Ng Paniki (The Legend of the Bat)

Alamat Ng Paniki (The Legend of the Bat)

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Author: Segundo D. Matias, Jr.
Illustrator: Ghani Madueno 

In the beginning, the bats were regarded as having the most beautiful and colorful wings. They had long tails. Aside from those features, they also possessed softly glowing eyes. One day, the goddess appeared bearing terrible news. Because of this, the real feelings of the bats started to show, a sign of the beginning of their physical transformation. Find out in this modern legend why the bats come out of their lair only at night and why they hang upside down from their perch.

  • Softcover: 32 pages
  • Language: English & Filipino
  • ISBN-10: 9715183972
  • ISBN-13: 978-9715183970
  • Ages: 7+
  • 8" x 9"

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