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Marielle is a Filipina author/illustrator creating children's books that introduce characters of pre-colonial mythology to our families. She was an English Literature major that went rogue to pursue design, where she's been for the past 10+ years. While Marielle was an English student, she took a folklore and mythology class, but was only exposed to euro-centric stories, where they would praise their ancient societies and history. When she dug deeper into the pre-colonial stories of the Philippines, she discovered the inherent beauty and magic that is her identity. Marielle is on a journey to re-member her ancestral roots through the support of her kapwa and help other families in the diaspora re-connect to their identities through storytelling.

Who Turned On the Sky?

Written & Illustrated by Marielle Atanacio
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Published: 2157 Press - September 14, 2022