Leslie V. Ryan


Leslie V. Ryan, born in Japan and raised in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, moved to the United States in 1987. She received her bachelor's degree in Legal Studies and Japanese language from the University of California at Berkeley. Her book, I am Flippish!, is inspired by her real-life experience of someone telling her son that he couldn't possibly be Irish because of the way he looked. In response to this hurtful and confusing incident, Flippish was born. Ryan's hope is that more children from multicultural families will be empowered by discovering who they are and be able to take pride in and celebrate their ancestry. Since "I am Flippish!" was launched in 2011, Leslie V. Ryan has made numerous appearances and speaking engagements all over Southern California. She enjoys reading to children at schools, libraries, and special events and also lectures about ancestry and/or the process of how authors turn an idea into a book. Check out author's website: www.LeslieVRyan.com "We are the colors of the rainbow, united as mankind, one earth, love, respect, and peace" - Leslie V. Ryan