Zachlewis B. Maravilla


Zachlewis B. Maravilla became an author at a young age, and to him, it still feels like yesterday when he was just a young boy with a dream. He has always loved writing. It offered him a way to share his creative expression. When he embarked on his journey to make his dream a reality, he had to stay determined and never give up. He knew he would look back at that moment and be glad he persevered. He wants to inspire kids that it is not too early to reach for their dreams and never to give up, no matter how impossible something seems. His book is entertaining while empowering children to reach for their own Splendor Adventures. For him, one life change is more than enough to set a spark for a better world. 

He won First Place in a Middle School academic competition during its Regional event and Second Place during the National event. He won Spelling Bee Championships when at a younger age. 

He is also a TV actor and one of the stars of a 10-episode TV show, "Backseat Drivers." He had appeared in TV shows on Netflix and Hulu. He also did some commercials for some brand names. 


He also loves to sing and perform. He had performed at the historic Saban Theater in Beverly Hills as a singer and soloist at the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Zachlewis also loves playing the ukulele and has performed in various events. He is 13 years old.