Alamat ng Ahas (The Legend of the Snake)

Alamat ng Ahas (The Legend of the Snake)

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Author: Segundo D. Matias, Jr.
Illustrator: Ibarra Crisostomo

In the old days in an unnamed place, there was two young men who were the best of friends: Arman and Dumaz. Arman had a fiancée named Doray, whose dream was to help her townmates.
In their search to have Doray's mission fulfilled, Arman and Dumaz searched for a cave where gold was buried.
But because of the gold, the friendship of Arman and Dumaz was ruined. One betrayed the trust of the other.
Find out in this contemporary legend the origin of the snake and why it strikes when it bites.


  • Papeback: 32 pages
  • Language: Filipino & English
  • ISBN: 9715182860, 9789715182867
  • Ages: 7+

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