Bayani Biographies - Andres Bonifacio

Bayani Biographies - Andres Bonifacio

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Andres is honored as an important hero by Filipinos. He as one of the main organizers of the Katipunan, the organization that sought to unite Filipinos to free themselves from centuries of harsh colonial rule. Ultimately, Andres led the start of the Philippine Revolution. 

Who was Andres? Who was he as an elder brother? What did he do for work? What were his hobbies? How did he lead the Katipunan? And, what were his hopes for the Filipino?

Learn about the entrepreneur, bookworm, and activist who showed how hope could start a revolution! 

Through engaging narratives that look into the lives of our heroes, the Bayani Biographies series aims to let readers see that the youth of today are no different from the heroes that they are reading about. 


AUTHORS: John Ray Ramos and Michael Charleston "Xiao" Chua 
PUBLISHER: Kahel Press
ISBN: 9789716254228
FORMAT: Softcover
SIZE: 5.75x7.75in
WEIGHT: 200g

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