Bayani Biographies - Gregoria de Jesus

Bayani Biographies - Gregoria de Jesus

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Gregoria de Jesus is popularly known as the wife of Andres Bonifacio. She worked as a custodian to arms and documents of the Katipunan. But, who was she before she married Andres? What else happened during the 1896 Revolution? What did she do after the Revolution?

Gregoria de Jesus was more than the Lakanbini of the Katipunan who fought for her country. Oriang, as she was fondly called, fought for love all throughout her life. Learn more about this bayani who fought courageously and lived life whole-heartedly.

Through engaging narratives that look into the lives of our heroes, the Bayani Biographies series aims to let readers see that the youth of today are no different from the heroes that they are reading about. 


AUTHOR: Natasha Kintanar 
PUBLISHER: Kahel Press
LANGUAGE: English 
ISBN: 9789716253979
FORMAT: Softcover
SIZE: 7.75in x 5.75in 
WEIGHT: 100g

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