Carmina: Beginnings

Carmina: Beginnings

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Carmina: Beginnings (First Edition) by Mark A.J. Nazal

by Mark A.J. Nazal & Erica Juliet. Carmina Issue #1: Beginnings tells the story of a troubled biracial young woman living in a New Mexico “trailer park” town who discovers that she comes from a powerful lineage.

This first issue will introduce you to the world of Carmina with 21 full-color pages of story artwork from award-winning Filipino comic book artist Roland Amago with Kael Molo followed by 5 art pages expanding on the new mythology featured in this groundbreaking title.

This comic title is bilingual featuring the main narrative in English with some characters speaking in Tagalog (with English subtitles) for character authenticity.
A Philippine import. Limited copies available.

Publisher: Diwata Komiks (Oct. 30, 2021)

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