Dictionary of Philippine Mythology  with English Translations

Dictionary of Philippine Mythology with English Translations

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Edited by Jordan Clark
Illustrations by Ralph Angelo B. Reyes

Until now, Ferdinand Blumentritt's 1895 DICCIONARIO MITOLÓGICO DE FILIPINAS had never seen a proper English language release. Along with the dictionary, this edition includes:

19 illustrations
59 historical photographs.
Blumentritt’s Enthnographic Map
Blumentritt’s Philippine Tribes and Languages

"Many authors, ancient and modern, native and foreign, have been preoccupied with 'primitive' religion, or even better said, the paganism of the Natives of the Philippines; however, their writings about the religion of the natives, non-Christianized or from the mountains, who until now keep their ancient practices, are always reduced to form a chapter indistinct from the other historical or ethnographic notes of their published works. There exists no work, [major] or minor, dedicated specifically and especially to the study of the religion of all the indigenous races of the Philippine Archipelago.

The purpose of this dictionary is to put together the religious groups of the Philippines, and removing those of Christian or Mohammedan origins. This work will provide an opportunity to make comparative studies and give an idea of the wealth of names that are in the mythologies of this country." - Excerpts from the Prologue.

"This effort means to create an accurate interpretation with proper translations of the original release and to convey the intent proposed by Blumentritt. My hope is that this undertaking creates a turn of the twentieth century historical benchmark and further contributes to research efforts on Philippine mythology and folklore so that people may learn more about, what I believe to be, one of the most fascinating collection of pantheons and religious traditions in the world." - Excerpts from the Preface.

ISBN: 978-1-7772758-0-8
Publisher: The Aswang Project (May 2021)
Pages: 338 pages
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