Jacobo's Ghost

Jacobo's Ghost

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Author: Annette Flores Garcia
Illustrator: Joanne De León


Grand Prize, 2001 Pilar Perez Medallion for Young Literature

In Jacobo's Ghost, an inquisitive pre-adolescent boy uncovers a secret that eventually becomes his link to the generations before him. Jacobo Silva's first visit to his parent's hometown is a dream come true. As he takes to life in San Esteban, he stumbles on a mystery surrounding the house across the street from Lola Carmen's. His grandmother has declared the house off limits, and the town authorities want to tear it down. Jacobo can only wonder why. Then by accident one night, he witnessed a chapter in their family history that only Lola Carmen can shed light on.

AGES: 8-12

ISBN: 978-9715081351
FORMAT: Softcover, 49 pages
SIZE: 6x9in
WEIGHT: 220g

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