Makibaka 2: The Pilipino American Struggle

Makibaka 2: The Pilipino American Struggle

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by Royal F. Morales (Out of Print)

The Pilipino American Struggle is a story that must be told, and told correctly, because it is a part of the telling of the American story. It is the story of loneliness and having to move restlessly beneath vast skies, of wanting to go home but can't, of having to strive, sisyphuys-like fora goalless, senseless purpose. It is the story of Juan, Pedro or Salvador whose fruits and vegetables, then and now, make salad bowls possible, growing it or serving it. It is the story of latter-day Juan, Pedro or Salvador taking a licensure examination in medicine or dentistry, and providing himself up to standard, by performance and excellence no less.

But more than just to tell a story of Salvador, this book was conceived to help the reader develop a sensitivity and understanding of the Pilipino American whose history, cultural heritage and ethnicity are blended and rooted with all the races; whose religions are linked with the rich mixture of Indo-Malayan-Chinese, Muslim, Hispanic Catholicism and of the American Protestantism of various denominations,a nd whose political-social-economic systems are based on colonilism and republican democracy, and later, "constitutional authoritarian democracy" as a result of the Martial Law of September 22, 1972 promulgated by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

The letter "P" is interchangeably used for "F" in reference to "Filipino." This is so because of the emergence of Pilipino American ethnic identity. Besides, leter "F" is totally non-existent in the Pilipino language. Makibaka basically means to struggle - one word that could best sum up the Pilipino American story.

Publisher: Crown Printers; 2nd Revised Edition edition (January 1, 1998)
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