POK POK ALIMPAKO, A Maranao Folk Song

POK POK ALIMPAKO, A Maranao Folk Song

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Illustrated by: Liza Flores

"Pok Pok Alimpako" is a game song in which children stack their fists, building an imaginary staircase to the moon and stars. Taking inspiration from the delicately intricate okir motifs in Maranao traditional art, Liza Flores used paper cutouts to weave a whimsical journey.

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At the hour of bedtime, nothing enchants a child like the joy of a well-loved folk song. Now, parents can collect all six folk songs sure to enthrall new generations of music lovers. Carefully curated by musicology expert Dr. Felicidad A. Prudente, each book features regional customs and traditions that showcase the diversity of our Philippine islands. Playful, humorous, at times wistful, these evocatively rendered musical landscapes offer young and old a fresh portal into the ear and soul of Filipino life.

Size: 8 x 10 in
ISBN: 978-621-422-037-3
Year Published: 2022

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