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Thirteen-year-old Ram's world is like that of most upper middle-class girls her age—school, barkada, crushes on band members, computers, malling, texting. One day a family crisis makes it look like this comfortable world will cave in. Ram keeps her problem to herself, thinking the situation will alienate her friends if she lets on. But as she opens her heart to the people dearest to her, she discovers simple pleasures and comes to value family and friends even more. In Sup? we get not only an intimate view of an urban teenager's concerns but also a picture of a young person's capacity to embrace life with intelligence, humor, and empathy.

Year Published: 2001

Publisher: Adarna House, Inc. / Filipinas Heritage Library

ISBN: 978-97-1-508137-5
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Height: 19.5 cm

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Depth: 14.0 cm

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