The Amazing Family Circus

The Amazing Family Circus

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THE AMAZING FAMILY CIRCUS is the exciting, action-packed book about the Mahusay family who creates their own circus through their creativity, cheerfulness, and resourcefulness.

Can you enjoy a circus even if you can’t afford to buy tickets? Find out by reading this book. Prepare to be amazed as Niko, Nika, Mang Lino, and Aling Mila try to create their own family circus while making their house a cleaner and brighter place at the same time!

THE AMAZING FAMILY CIRCUS was written and translated by Lauren V. Macaraeg and it was illustrated by Randy P. Valiente. This children’s book was published by Chikiting Books / Vibal Group, Inc.

Story by: Lauren V. Macaraeg
Illustrations by: Randy P. Valiente
Publisher: Chikiting Books / Vibal Group, Inc.
Story translated in Filipino by: Lauren V. Macaraeg

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