The Crying Trees (Ang Mga Punong Umiiyak)

The Crying Trees (Ang Mga Punong Umiiyak)

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Author: MaryAnn Ordinario-Floresta 

Philippine Children's Book. A Dual Language Book (Filipino/English).

The Crying Trees is a beautiful story about the legend of rubber trees. Great Grandfather Tree, the oldest tree of all, showed love, courage and hope to save Father Tree, Mother Tree and all the little trees in Tree Land. Great Grandfather Tree sacrificed himself to save all the trees and gave up his life so the trees could live forever. What happens to the rest of the trees when Great Grandfather tree is taken by the men?

  • Paperback: 31 pages
  • Publisher: ABC Educational Development Center; 2nd edition (2000)
  • Language: English & Filipino
  • ISBN-10: 9719217707
  • ISBN-13: 978-9719217701

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