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The Girl Who Fell from the Sky: And Other Classic Philippine Legends

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Author: Maria Elena Paterno
Illustrator: Albert Gamos

Retold in this book are myths and legends gleaned from different parts from the Philippines. Although their origins are forgotten, the stories have survived. Countless generations of storytellers--and the listeners who made the stories their own-- have fashioned and refashioned these tales until they became mirrors of their lives...The stories may have been altered slightly in my version, just as they have been changed in generations of retelling. I may have taken liberties in order to fill in gaps I thought needed filing, or added details where I thought the embellishment would help the story. Please do the same when you tell the story to the next person. Read them, make them your own, and pass them on. They are all our stories -- the collective oral heritage of the Filipino people. - Maria Elena Paterno

Enjoy eight classic Philippine legends in one book! 
  • The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (The Legend of Bohol Island) 
  • The Greedy Neighbor (The Legend of Lake Danum) 
  • Lord Laon and the Seven-Headed Dragon (The Legend of Mount Kanlaon)
  • The Spring of Tears (The Legend of Salinas Spring) 
  • The Hunter's Promise (The Legend of Magat River) 
  • Battle Island (The Legend of Apo Island) 
  • The Queen Whom Love Forgot (The Legend of Mount Malindig) 
  • The Folly of the Seven Sisters (The Legend of Siete Pecadas) 

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  • Hardcover: 56 pages
  • Publisher: Paperworks
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9716300255
  • ISBN-13: 978-9716300253
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